RE: Images in GTKmm

Thank you for the reply.

I tried following the example here: to test out using a Pixbuf in a Drawing area, but got a few compile-time errors (n.b. I'm using gtkmm 3.0):

error: ‘class Gdk::Pixbuf’ has no member named ‘render_to_drawable’
error: ‘get_style’ was not declared in this scope
error: ‘RGB_DITHER_NONE’ is not a member of ‘Gdk’

I had a look in the class reference ( and couldn't see render_to_drawable. Has this been depreciated in gtkmm 3? If so, what's the appropriate way to do this now?


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I would do this with a DrawingArea. It is possible to resize a Pixbuf to
the size of the DrawingArea and render it in a callback plugged to the
expose_event signal.

But I don't known if it is the best way! ;)

On 02/08/11 12:51, Thomas Harty wrote:
> I want to put an image into a box in such a way that the image will
> shrink to fit into empty space in the box, whilst preserving its aspect
> ratio. Thus, the dimensions of the image should be determined by the
> dimensions of the objects around it. The image needs to shrink and
> expand with the box (e.g. if the user re-sizes the main window).
> For example, I want to put a few items in a VBox and have these items
> determine the width of the VBox. I then want to be able to add the image
> to the VBox in such a way that it doesn't resize the box, but rather
> fits into the space. If there is space left above/below the widget (due
> to the constraint of preserving it's aspect ratio), this should be
> filled with padding, rather than the image expanding to fill the space.
> What's the best way of accomplishing this in Gtkmm?
> Tom
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