Re: resizing a drawingarea

Hi Kees,

On Sun, 10 Apr 2011 15:54:06 +0200 you wrote:
>  In this method I call ste_allocation(allocation) and I check on 
> several places in my code what the geometry of the widget is and these 
> are correct, but my drawingArea keeps its orginal  size.

Just to clarify, please:

When you say "these are correct" above, what do you mean? Do you mean
you've formally proved that code, or that you've put in debug printfs
and shown that the geometry found in those places follows the re-sizing
that your drawing area doesn't?

Either way, I think we probably need to see your code. In particular,
how is the drawing area packed? Is it directly in the window? Or is it
nested in something that could be allocating the extra space elsewhere?


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