Re: Tutorial

Hi Joseph,

You might have found the tutorial here:

The source code is stored in Git, just as the source code of gtkmm. You
can see it at or more
specifically at

There is no Portuguese translation in Git. There are some translations,
e.g. a Spanish one at but it's incomplete. Most of the stored translations are incomplete. The French translation seems to be the most ambitious one.

I don't know if a translation of this tutorial (or part of it) would be
a suitable contribution to your studies. That's something you have to
discuss with your teacher.


ons 2011-04-06 klockan 15:41 -0300 skrev Joseph S. Alcântara:
> Hi, 
> I'm Joseph, from Brazil, Computing Engineering Student and I'd like to
> know if is there any translation to Portuguese for
> "programming-with-gtkmm"? It's a tutorial that I found I don't
> remember where.
> I am in a group that studies software open source and GNU/Linux, and I
> have to give my contribution for any project. It's one of my
> assignments.
> I study English to, and I thought to create a translation for this
> tutorial to studies who speak Portuguese and have difficult to
> understand in English. 
> I know it's a difficult work, but it's a good idea to me and another
> people learn together.
> What do you think about it?
> Thanks
> Joseph Soares Alcântara
> Engenharia da Computação - 6º semestre
> Universidade Federal do Ceará - UFC
> Sobral-CE
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