Re: Do you want a faster gmmproc?

2011/4/4 Krzesimir Nowak <qdlacz gmail com>:
> Yeah, reading defs and xml files everytime is the bottleneck, but
> current implementation also makes it possible run several gmmprocs
> concurrently (by make -j4).

To get the best of both worlds, there could be an extra program which
reads the XML files and outputs a binary file which maps directly to
the data structures used in gmmproc. Each instance of gmmproc could
then use the binary files, which would avoid the parsing overhead on
every run.

However, a total rewrite of gmmproc is direly needed anyway. Right now
in order to add a new wrapping command you need to know both M4 and
Perl, and be able to decipher complex M4 code with arcane quoting
rules. (I tried it and failed.) It seems most C++ bindings people have
given up on trying to add features to gmmproc and are just writing
code by hand.

Regards, Krzysztof

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