Do you want a faster gmmproc?

Present gmmproc: 13 min 25 s
Future gmmproc:   1 min 17 s

I've noticed that when you build e.g. gtkmm, the generation of .h/.cc
files from .hg/.ccg files is a slow process. It takes more time than the
compilation of the .h/.cc files. I suspected that gmmproc spends most
its time reading the .defs and _docs.xml files. This is done once for
each processed .hg file.

I made a test, where I let gmmproc process all .hg/.ccg files in
gtkmm/gtk/src (181 pairs of files). I compared the present version of
gmmproc and a version where gmmproc is given a file containing a list of
filenames, names of the files to process. It then reads the .defs and
_docs.xml files only once. The result, when run on my PC, is shown at
the beginning of this email.

The total size of the .defs and _docs.xml files in gtkmm/gtk/src is
about 4 MB, so it's perhaps not surprising that you can save time by
reading them once instead of 181 times.

Don't you think it would be a great idea to update gmmproc like this?
If I'm not the only one to think so, I can file an enhancement bug for
the task.

My updated version of gmmproc is a quick and dirty fix, not suitable for
distribution. And to make use of such a feature in gmmproc, the
Makefiles must be modified. I haven't yet looked into that. gmmproc must
be given a list of names of the files to process, instead of being
called once for each file.


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