Re: Error messages from gmmproc in glibmm and gtkmm

2011/4/3 Kjell Ahlstedt <kjell ahlstedt bredband net>:
> Perhaps the following observations fit better in Bugzilla, but this
> seemed easier. I can file bugs, if necessary.
> I've found that gmmproc leaves a few error messages in the .h files when
> glibmm and gtkmm are built. (master branch in Git repository)
> 1) glibmm/gio/glibmm/settings.h
>  //gtkmmproc error: g_settings_list_schemas : method defs lookup failed
> (1)
> The function g_settings_list_schemas exists, but it's not in any of the
> glibmm/gio/src/*.defs files.

The problem is with which generates said defs file - it does
not grok the "const gchar* const *" so any C function that has such
return type will not appear in defs file - it has to be manually
written in some extra.defs.

> 2) glibmm/gio/glibmm/themedicon.h
>  //gtkmmproc error: name : attempt to wrap write-only and
> construct-only property.
> glibmm/gio/src/themedicon.hg contains the comment
>  //TODO: Remove these when we can break ABI. They are write-only and
> construct-only.
> "name" is write-only, and gmmproc does not generate any code for it.
> Removing it from themedicon.hg does not seem to break ABI.
> "use-default-fallbacks" is read-write.

Well, then probably removing it should be safe.

> 3) gtkmm/gdk/gdkmm/screen.h
>  //gtkmmproc error: gdk_screen_broadcast_client_message : method defs
> lookup failed (1)
> gdk_screen_broadcast_client_message exists in gtk+2, but not in gtk+3.
> 4) gtkmm/gtk/gtkmm/numerableicon.h
>  //gtkmmproc error: tk_numerable_icon_get_background_gicon : method
> defs lookup failed (1)
> Misspelt function name in numerableicon.hg. The g is missing in gtk_.
> 5) gtkmm/gtk/gtkmm/widget.h
>  //gtkmmproc error: extension-events : property defs lookup failed.
> Property extension-events exists in gtk+2, but not in gtk+3.

All of these then should be fixed IMHO, so probably a bug/patch would
be welcome.

> And a question: Is gmmproc deliberately made this way? It prints an
> error message, but the build is not stopped. It's difficult to notice
> these errors.

Gmmproc is sometimes way too verbose, so in fact it would be better if
it printed for examples only errors in (defs lookup
failures), and the rest (like messages written by documentation
module) maybe should be printed into some kind of log file.

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