Error messages from gmmproc in glibmm and gtkmm

Perhaps the following observations fit better in Bugzilla, but this
seemed easier. I can file bugs, if necessary.

I've found that gmmproc leaves a few error messages in the .h files when
glibmm and gtkmm are built. (master branch in Git repository)

1) glibmm/gio/glibmm/settings.h
  //gtkmmproc error: g_settings_list_schemas : method defs lookup failed

The function g_settings_list_schemas exists, but it's not in any of the
glibmm/gio/src/*.defs files.

2) glibmm/gio/glibmm/themedicon.h
  //gtkmmproc error: name : attempt to wrap write-only and
construct-only property.

glibmm/gio/src/themedicon.hg contains the comment
 //TODO: Remove these when we can break ABI. They are write-only and
"name" is write-only, and gmmproc does not generate any code for it.
Removing it from themedicon.hg does not seem to break ABI.
"use-default-fallbacks" is read-write.

3) gtkmm/gdk/gdkmm/screen.h
  //gtkmmproc error: gdk_screen_broadcast_client_message : method defs
lookup failed (1)

gdk_screen_broadcast_client_message exists in gtk+2, but not in gtk+3.

4) gtkmm/gtk/gtkmm/numerableicon.h
  //gtkmmproc error: tk_numerable_icon_get_background_gicon : method
defs lookup failed (1)

Misspelt function name in numerableicon.hg. The g is missing in gtk_.

5) gtkmm/gtk/gtkmm/widget.h
  //gtkmmproc error: extension-events : property defs lookup failed.

Property extension-events exists in gtk+2, but not in gtk+3.

And a question: Is gmmproc deliberately made this way? It prints an
error message, but the build is not stopped. It's difficult to notice
these errors.

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