gtkmm branched for gtkmm 3

gtkmm's branches in git now reflect those of GTK+:

So, there's:
  This can break API and ABI until we freeze it.
  This ABI is called gtkmm-3.0. It installs in parallel with gtkmm-2.4.
  It currently has no deprecated API and uses no deprecated API.
  We'd love to use a rewritten gmmproc here, but somebody needs to do
the work.
  This work was previously in the gtkmm-3maybe branch, which is no
longer used.
  As before, this ABI is called gtkmm-2.4
  This will wrap GTK+ 2.22, which will have almost no new API compared
to GTK+ 2.20.
  However, we can add API to gtkmm 2.22 if we like.
  We will remove the optional API (no exceptions, no vfuncs, etc) from
  The first releases from this branch will be called gtkmm 2.21.x.
  Improvements may be merged to master.

  This is just a maintenance branch for gtkmm 2.20.x.
  Improvements may be merged to gtkmm-2-22 and to master.

I think we'll do something similar for glibmm soon too, though I don't
think that glib plans to do an ABI break like the one for GTK+.

murrayc murrayc com

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