Re: Standalone Glibmm::ustring

michi7x7 wrote:
> Download the glibmm source and build ustring.cpp and ustring.h

It's probably that easy indeed, but that's what I did and where I got
stuck in providing all sorts of dependencies of dependencies.

Murray Cumming wrote:

> The gtkmm Windows installer includes libxml++ so you should have no
> problem installing it:

That does indeed work quite well. However, that only allows me to link
dynamically right? The reason that I want to link (libgtkmm, I don't
really care about libxml++ and friends) statically, is that right now,
if I am not mistaken I need to distribute 20 dlls totalling over 12
MB* opposed to the ~200 kB increase when linking statically as I only
use one class from the whole library.

Jasper Horn

*I'll probably be able to cut this down to say 4 MB by selecting the
necessary libraries and only distributing those, it's still really far
more than I use

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