obvious error?

I am trying to write a simple(!) program for balancing my checkbook.  I
have established a treemodel (listview) which works in terms of listing
the checks.  But I would also like to be able to click on any row and
have a check's reconciled status indicated.

I believe I have copied the code from the tutorial, but it does not
work.  I believe that the iter is not receiving a value.

Here is the code:

//Selection process?

Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::TreeSelection> refTreeSelection
Gtk::TreeModel::iterator iter=(refTreeSelection->get_selected());
	Gtk::TreeModel::Row row=*iter;


As may be obvious, "treeview" is the name of the view.  The signal
handler sets the text on a label.  It will do this if it is not included
in the conditional routine (of if the initial condition is set to (!
iter), but otherwise not.

I suspect strongly that I am missing something obvious, but after
several days of fruitless effort, I still cannot see what it is.

Thanks for any help.

Andy Gilman

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