a new component for gtkmm for transparency and real time interface editing.


I am here to announce libemface, a library for embedded interface building.

The goal is to provide a embeddable interface builder for a set of "first level"
widgets, giving to user the ability to create its own interfaces and
re-configure it how many times he/she wants.

Its not to embed glade, but give to the user the ability to edit Cartesian
positions and widget proprieties of labels, images, entrys and other
GUI components
in real time.

 its my first gtkmm project and evolute from my experiments with translucent
 and general gui creation. Its in alpha stage.

 at now, it currently have tree buildable components: image, label and
a digital clock,
 that can be partially edited it real time, but not yet saved or restored.
 So, it cannot be considered usable for its main use. I have released it in this
 version so i can share the development problems and pleasure with others.

about its structure, the most important things to be resolved are:

1 - write the serialization method
    its on main class, but was not writed yet. I was thinking about making it
gtk::build compatible (and not on my main class), but it should be the
hardest way. I want to use glib
"pseudo" parser, but never used it.

2 - decide how to link and identify widget and application
   not even in the api, because depends on 1. "Use names" or "Use pointer" are
answers that comes in my mind and dont help too much. Real help helps here.

3 - Maybe a better approach for transparency. I should anyway rewrite
the actual code
because it uses GDK, but its not the question. The approach I've used
sens ok, it works
in some cases and its clean, but don't works for all widgets.

   If anyone wrote any code to or with the lib, or want to share
experiences related with it, please let-me know.
   The library can be found in http://libemface.sf.net and i can be
found in this list or directly by email.

Renato Merli

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