Re: Gtk::VolumeButton how to change value without emmiting signal?

Dear Sledge Hammer,

I am using a Gtk::VolumeButton. I want to change it's value without
emmiting singal_value_changed. Is this possible?

I am interested what the list will answer.

I had the same question a few years ago and found that it was the wrong question. My situation was this: when a value changes (triggered by network, program logic, or however) the GUI needs to be updated, and updating the GUI of course changes the value. This leads to a recursive infinite loop.

Your problem might be a different one. The solution I used was this: the function Value::set() (which will be called by the singal_value_changed handler) does nothing if there is nothing to be done:

Value< T>::set( const T &t)
  if (_t != t)
    _t = t;

Hope this helps,

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