Re: what's the best IDE for gtkmm project development?

On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 6:24 PM, Dodji Seketeli <dodji seketeli org> wrote:
> 明覺 <shi minjue gmail com> wrote:
>> as the title, thanks
> In my opinion, a decent IDE for C++ has yet to be written for
> the GNU/Linux/GNOME environment.
> By decent, I mean:
> + It has reasonable memory/CPU consumption. To me, Eclipse/Netbeans
>  memory consumptions are not reasonable.
Yes, I also refuse to use eclipse and netbeans, as I refuse to use
java or python.

> + It has components that know how to parse C++ correctly, and
>  progressively.
> + It knows how to parse GNU Make/Automake files correctly and
>  progressively.
> + Insert here the features of your favorite text editor and debugger
>  and have them properly integrated.
> Ideally, the IDE would be written in C++ and made of reusable C++
> components.
yes, I also hope so.

> This is a very hard problem :) I think it's easier to try and master
> emacs/vim/autotools/the api of your $project for the time being :)
I learned a little emacs, it has very good concepts, such as keep our
hands comfortable, but as a person who is used to a microsoft style,
emacs is a little hard to master for a beginer, and it cannot input
chinese now. currently I'm using codeblocks, and I'm still looking for
a better one, I will learn to use anjuta, vim, notepad++....

thanks for the reply

> Just my 2 cents.
> --
> Dodji Seketeli

我的操?系統是Gnu/Linux Debian/gNewSense Gnome Mozilla Gmail/Evolution
Gtkmm/Gtkglextmm Scim Totem Pidgin.

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