Seg fault reading data from IOChannel

Hi all,

Constructing a graphical server app, I'm using Glib::IOChannel in order to have a callback when client data is ready to read on socket. The problem is that sometimes I obtain a seg fault when calling function IOChannel::read(char* buff, gsize len,gsize& readed). Gdb debugging says that it's the seg violation is from IOChannel::read() function, not in data postprocessing from my app code.

I workarounded it using ::read(...) instead (that sometimes also fails, but do not seg faulting), and not processing data when reads .

Any ideas about it?
It looks like a bug in IOChannel for you, or I'm doing something really nasty? I'm doing collateral damage with my workaround, and you think it will explode in my face later?


int NetworkCommandManager::read_data(char* data, int len)
   if (len>256){
       std::cerr << "Cannot read more than 256 bytes" << std::endl;
       return -1;
   gsize n;
   char buff[256];
   std::cout<< "to read "<< len << " bytes" << std::endl;

   n = ::read(read_fd,data,len);           //workaround

   //ioc_net->read(data,(gsize)len,n); //seg faulting call

   std::cout<< "readed "<< n << " bytes" << std::endl;
   if (n == len)
       return 0;
return -1; }

//*Víctor M. Palacio Tárrega*//

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