gtkmm released

gtkmm is now available for download at:

MD5 sums:
165cfbaba9cd5000f3570258b18add4d  gtkmm-
fd18708c6516ba118e86c90e5fcaf137  gtkmm-

SHA1 sums:
8d7a7a8178be5b1480f5c3af9216c503f3acba94  gtkmm-
9a67eb5fb45ef48f0e273dd5f80d38cb26450425  gtkmm-


* Change public documentation location to
  (Daniel Elstner)

About gtkmm

gtkmm is the C++ binding for the GTK+ library.  It is the cornerstone of
the GNOME C++ bindings effort.

More information about the GNOME C++ bindings is available at:

August 28, 2009
Daniel Elstner

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