pangomm released

pangomm is now available for download at:

MD5 sums:
f8d5c140a1362744e11fac2dd098dd35  pangomm-
3394a89b0d87c7bddf27c3fc5691f598  pangomm-

SHA1 sums:
148579a07fb2ebc97401d1bee5f910f81f2005d4  pangomm-
a7dc5d128cd3b551bead970b9ce8eb9f9f0d0bce  pangomm-


* Change public documentation location to
  (Daniel Elstner)

About pangomm

pangomm is the C++ binding for the Pango library. It is useful on its
own and is a dependency of gtkmm, the C++ binding for GTK+.

More information about the GNOME C++ bindings is available at:

August 28, 2009
Daniel Elstner

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