Languages, Keyboard Variants, ...

Hello, again,

I'd like that my GTKmm application be able to set the preferred
keyboard variant (from the X Window System configurations) for each
language and switch among languages according to the selected keyboard

I believe that libxklavier [1] could do all of this but, after a
message of Mr. Daniel Elstner -written in this forum some weeks ago-,
I wonder if could be better to use GTKmm specific libraries, like

In particular, I'd like to know if...

1) Pango::Context::get_language() could be called to get strings like
"english", "russian", "italian"... for the current language.
(Languages could change at the runtime...), and,

2) Pango::Context::set_language() could be called to *activate*
keyboard variants (so, the seleted ones for each language).

Maybe, all of this could be solved using both libxklavier and Pangomm
but I need some code to understand better how to use the Pango

Could help ?



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