Re: gtkmm and glade questions

On Sat, 2009-08-15 at 12:20 +0200, Krzesimir Nowak wrote:
> 2009/8/15 Darius Blaszyk <dhkblaszyk zeelandnet nl>:
> > As a beginner in GTK gui developing I have started to use gtkmm (2.4)
> > and glade (3.4.5). I find glade very useful because it allows me to
> > quickly develop the GUI and tweak it easily. The .glade file is
> > converted into an .o file and linked right into the application. I'm
> > just not sure about the scalability of this combination. My application
> > will hold no more than a dozen forms I presume. Am I on the right track
> > here or should I dump glade and do everything in code? What are the
> > advantages then?
> If you are talking about a C generator - it is deprecated for a long time. Now
> glade should produce .xml file, which you use in code with Gtk::Builder. But
> Glade 3.4.5 doesn't have generation of GtkBuilder file format, so you'll need
> to use libglademm library, which is deprecated too. I'd recommend upgrading
> your software to recent version.
Thanks I will have a look to update my glade.

> >
> > Working with gtkmm and glade also gave me some issues with connecting
> > signal handlers. I have no problem connecting a signal handler in code
> > to a button. On the other hand, I have tried also to setup the signal
> > handler connection in glade (both tried the activate and clicked
> > handler) so I would not need to do this in code anymore (and only keep
> > the handler function in the code file). But no matter what it does not
> > work. Am I missing something here or does this feature not work anyway?
> >
> Signal connecting from Glade doesn't yet work in Gtkmm-2.4. It maybe will
> work in Gtkmm 3, if Murray decides to apply patches supporting signal
> autoconnection.
That would be nice yes.

> > Related to the signal handlers, I have no luck yet in setting up a
> > signal handler to a menu item. Gtk::ImageMenuItem does not seem to have
> > a signal_clicked() method, so what should I use instead?
> >
> Maybe signal_activate should be used?
You were right, it works now. Thank you.


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