gtkmm and glade questions

As a beginner in GTK gui developing I have started to use gtkmm (2.4)
and glade (3.4.5). I find glade very useful because it allows me to
quickly develop the GUI and tweak it easily. The .glade file is
converted into an .o file and linked right into the application. I'm
just not sure about the scalability of this combination. My application
will hold no more than a dozen forms I presume. Am I on the right track
here or should I dump glade and do everything in code? What are the
advantages then?

Working with gtkmm and glade also gave me some issues with connecting
signal handlers. I have no problem connecting a signal handler in code
to a button. On the other hand, I have tried also to setup the signal
handler connection in glade (both tried the activate and clicked
handler) so I would not need to do this in code anymore (and only keep
the handler function in the code file). But no matter what it does not
work. Am I missing something here or does this feature not work anyway?

Related to the signal handlers, I have no luck yet in setting up a
signal handler to a menu item. Gtk::ImageMenuItem does not seem to have
a signal_clicked() method, so what should I use instead?

Regards, Darius

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