Re: Why does this MessageDialog not work

Kai Boernert wrote:
> Well, while this is surely a mistake I made, it doesn#t seem to be the
> reason, cause even when fixed the Dialog does not show. :(

Sorry, I pushed the send button too early after being distracted by
something else. I initially wanted to touch on both the switch statement
and the fact that run does not appear to execute :)

Do you have a Gtk::Main in your test application? I don't think the
runtime (plain gtk) part of widget instantiation works unless Gtk::Main
is running.

Since you lose execution control due to Main you will need to call
Gtk::Dialog::run() through an event handler in your main window, or if
you don't have a main window, in an idle handler.

AFAIK the run() method blocks the gtk main loop until a response is


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