Re: Intltoolize doesn't create po/ ...


Am Dienstag, den 11.08.2009, 13:20 +0200 schrieb Sever P A:

> For a weeks, I'm trying to run intltool on my app. As I reported
> before, configure script crashes with the following message,
> config.status: error: po/ was not created by intltoolize.

The problem is caused by intltoolize and autopoint fighting over who
owns po/  If you are using autoreconf, autopoint will be
automatically invoked when it finds either AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION or
AM_GNU_GETTEXT in your file. One way to get around this
problem is to trick autoreconf into executing intltoolize instead. Here
is how I do it for regexxer:

Apart from that, it may also be necessary to use AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT
instead of AM_GNU_GETTEXT, but I'm not sure if this is still strictly
required.  If you do use it instead, autoreconf will not try to invoke
${AUTOPOINT} for you unless you also have a AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION call.


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