Re: why on_configure_event() is never called here ?

In 07/08/2009 05:19, Chris Vine < chris cvine freeserve co uk > wrote:

>> >
>> > What am i missing ?
>> Did you connect to the signal_configure_event()?
>He was overriding the on_configure_event() virtual protected function -
>he did not need to connect to any signal.
>> On the other hand, I
>> think that Gtk::Fixed does not have a Gdk::Window of its own by
>> default so it may be necessary to use Gtk::Fixed::set_has_window() so
>> it will receive the configure events (I'm not sure).
>I suspect that is the reason. Possibly Gtk::Fixed objects would not
>receive configure events anyway, because they do not allocate their


Really,  Gtk::Fixed dont receive configure_events, as major of widgets do.
As i could  research (and Paul said, and i've tested) only Gtk::WIndow
(and maybe gtk::drawingarea) receives configure_events.
But as Albuquerque said, in the Gdk level, all gdkwindows receives the
configure_events (at last in its what the reference says). Dont know
why its not throwed to the gtk layer.
But, the most important, widgets resizes can be correctly tracked in
the on_size_allocate events, and i think its the correct way. My
problem with that event was that in the first interactions i was not
able to correctly manipulate GC's and do my job. Problem was solved
when i tracked the widget state correctly before operate.

Thanks to Paul, Albuquerque and you.

Renato Merli
renato merli uniksys com br

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