Re: Gtkmm Windows installers available

Jamiil wrote:
Before installed the the bellow suggested gtkmm installer I did a compilation of a small application I am working on, however, after installing your 'installer', I am getting a lot of compilation errors.

Here is a list of the errors I am getting, what am I doing wrong?
D:\XWin\include\gtkmm-2.4\gtkmm.h|30|giomm.h: No such file or directory|
D:\XWin\include\gtkmm-2.4\gtkmm\cellrendererpixbuf.h|31|giomm/icon.h: No such file or directory|
I could be wrong but I bet your PKG_CONFIG_PATH got mangled somewhere.
Start there and see that it really points to where the installer put everything.

Damon Register

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