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Phoenix Revived wrote:
Perhaps the single most useful component to wrap in today's web-oriented environment would be WebKit. Is anyone in the process of doing this? I would be happy to test it and your efforts would be hugely appreciated.

Currently, I am accessing WebKit-Gtk+ directly, but it leaves a lot to be desired. I am not confident enough in my own skills to wrap it, though.

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I've successfully built the Gtk port of WebKit for PC and for ARM.
The only problem is that in ARM it crashes with SIGSEGV while trying to parse CSS style sheets (just styles, not only style sheets linked), i'm stuck in here because the PC port works fine.

Does anyone have this problem? Could it be a compiler problem?

About the built process it was quite simple, i've downloaded al the packages and their dependencies and built all with the traditiona configure/make/make install, only while building the packeges libXt and WebKit i had to make some extra changes.

Diego A. Fons.

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