Re: WebKit

Phoenix Revived wrote:
Perhaps the single most useful component to wrap in today's web-oriented environment would be WebKit. Is anyone in the process of doing this? I would be happy to test it and your efforts would be hugely appreciated.

Currently, I am accessing WebKit-Gtk+ directly, but it leaves a lot to be desired. I am not confident enough in my own skills to wrap it, though.

Yes, I did start to wrap Webkit/Gtk+. I have not really had time to use it at all other than for the basic example applications that I have included in the source code repository, so there may be things that need more work yet. But it does work already and I would definitely be interested in your feedback if you would like to test it.

See this blog post for a little introduction:

However, instead of the git repository that I mentioned in that blog post, I would recommend that you pull from the repository I just created on gitorious, which will allow others to contribute more easily and host their own public branches:


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