Re: recompute window size after hiding/removing widget

On Fri, 2008-09-12 at 10:25 +0200, Yannick Barbeaux wrote:
> Hello,
> the answer to this question might be very obvious but I cannot find
> any clue in the (poor) online documentation :

some of us have compared it to the docs on other equivalent libraries
and don't find it that poor. it would be enough to leave out the
comments on quality unless you intend to fix it yourself.

what is missing more than anything is coverage of "how do i do XXXX?"
issues. its amazing how everybody who asks this question of their own
particular XXXX believes that it should be very, very much easier to
accomplish XXXX than they find it to be, not realizing that actually GTK
and Gtkmm tend to support the "default" needs of most developers quite

> if I remove or hide a widget in the main container of my Gtk::Window,
> how can i force the Window size to be recomputed accordingly (e.g.
> shrinking) 

however, in your case it really does appear that there is some missing
functionality, or rather, since Gtkmm is just a wrapper around GTK, some
missing wrappers.

it is always wise to check the docs for GTK when you can't find what you
need in the Gtkmm docs, and in this case, you'd be checking GtkWindow,
since its the window and not the vbox whose behaviour you want to
control. the relevant function is: gtk_window_set_policy() and i believe
that if you set auto-shrink to true, you will get the behaviour you

Murray - is there a reason this function isn't wrapped?


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