Re: Using gtkmm with Visual C++ and _SECURE_SCL=0

On Mon, 2008-10-20 at 11:11 +0200, Thomas Frank wrote:
> Hallo Armin.
> Thanks a lot for your response.
> 1. In Visual-C++ the _SECURE_SCL-flag enables some special security
> checks within the STL-Container-templates. This means among others
> that the base-classes for all iterators get an additional member, a
> pointer to the referenced container. This pointer in turn is used to
> make additional runtime-checks, if an iterator is actually pointing
> into the container it is used with. To my opinion this is quite useful
> in debug-mode, but for release-versions, these checks can easily slow
> down the performance of programs by 10-20% and more, depending on the
> algorithms used. Since _SECURE_SCL=0 removes the additional
> pointer-member from the iterators, the binary-compatiblility with
> libraries in 'secure-mode' is broken. Anyway. MS has decided to make
> _SECURE_SCL=1 the default, for both release- and debug-mode. Which
> leads me to...
> 2. I totally agree with pre-built libraries compiled with the
> default-settings of a compiler. I did not really expect an additional
> customized build for my purposes. That's why  I asked for a known
> workaround. It could be that sigc++ is the only source of problems,
> since it exchanges iterators in its interface (signal::connect()). If
> so, I would mail to their list, but I do not really know if there is
> other items somewhere in the libraries that are also affected and I
> cannot double-check the complete code...
> 3. I found the instructions on
> . But I would
> rather like to rebuild exactly the libs and dlls, that come with the
> installer-packages. Where can I find out, which packages of libsigc++,
> glibmm, cairomm, pangomm and gtkmm were exactly used for the
> installers?

The DLLs have a version resource that shows the Version in the Windows
explorer when viewing the DLLs, or by choosing Properties on a DLL. The
only exception to this is libsigc++ which has been built from SVN since
there was no release with updated MSVC project files when the latest
installer was built.

>  The idea is, if I rebuild exactly the same versions, I could just
> exchange the release-libs and -dlls of the standard gtkmm-installation
> and are finished.

>  Maybe there is even a complete VisualC++-Workspace (sln) for all C
> ++-libraries at once, that could be released along with the
> installers?

There is no such solution yet, but I think this is a good idea. The only
problem that I see is that this solution file needs to know the path to
the libsigc++, glibmm, cairomm etc. source code, even if we ship it with

>  Any aid in building a 'patch' for the installers would be welcome.

The installer sources are in gtkmm SVN in the win32_installer directory.
Adding a file that the installer is supposed to install is easy (if this
is what you are looking for), just look how it's done for the existing
files in, and remember to also add it to the

> regards
> Thomas


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