Re: gtkmm binaries for win32

Am Tue, 25 Mar 2008 07:32:34 +0900 schrieb Paul Goins:

> GladeWin32 has the GTK+ package you're looking for.  The web site is
> down after having been hacked, but the files are still directly
> available from SourceForge:
>  Get the
> gtk+-win32-devel package (gtk-dev-2.10.11-win32-1.exe), and that
> should do the trick.
> I have more I want to add to the subject later, but have no time at
> the moment.  Just finished porting an app to GTKmm, I want to update
> my installer, but I'd rather use a more up to date version of
> GTK+/GTKmm than what I've just mentioned.

That worked great. Thanks.

Some feedback:

- gladewin32 should add at least a static HTML page. I thought the
project is dead.

- I needed to hand edit all GTK\lib\pkgconfig\*.pc files and change the
prefix variable to let my configure find the gtk libs and headers.

  -> Maybe the install path should be static and not changeable. So the
path are always fitting.

  -> Modify the *.pc files at install time (e.g. with perl, sed or awk)

Some questions:

- My app is displayed with text below the icons in the toolbar. I don't
like that. How could I change it?

- Are there more gtk engines for win32? Has anyone compiled the engine
for the Human theme on win32?


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