Re: gtkmm binaries for win32

GladeWin32 has the GTK+ package you're looking for.  The web site is
down after having been hacked, but the files are still directly
available from SourceForge:  Get the
gtk+-win32-devel package (gtk-dev-2.10.11-win32-1.exe), and that should
do the trick.

I have more I want to add to the subject later, but have no time at the
moment.  Just finished porting an app to GTKmm, I want to update my
installer, but I'd rather use a more up to date version of GTK+/GTKmm
than what I've just mentioned.

Andreas Volz wrote:
> Hello,
> Since one week I'm trying to get a build system for the win32 port of
> my application. First I tried a cross compiler, but now try it direct
> in windows.
> So how could I get a gtkmm build system? The gtkmm devel installer on
> doesn't work, because it couldn't fetch the gtk package.
> Any ideas where I could get the gtk installer that fits to:
> regards
> Andreas
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