Gtkmm/Glibmm on Windows.

Hello All,
I've been using gtkmm on windows using VS2005 compiler for some time. There used to be an installer for gtkmm. Now i observe that gtkmm's installer is no longer updated.
So I was forced to build gtkmm myself using VS2005 compiler. This was fine to some extent.
When I'm trying to build latest glibmm (2.16.0), the build fails at link time complaining about gio.  Obviosly the Project file is not updated across versions.
My Question is whether the project files will be updated in future ? or do i have to do it manually?
If I've to do it manually, it would be better if there's a documentation available for this (indicating which files have to be included in the project file, the dependencies, etc. etc.)
Thanks In advance,

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