Re: TreeView->get_cursor() fails ?

The focus_column is set after I click on a row and is set to another after I clicked on another row. But Im working with TreeView::set_hover_selection(true). In the motion_notify_event-handler after I call TreeView->get_cursor(path, focus_column) the path is always
up to date according to my mouse-moves, but the value of the focus_column is stuck to the one I last clicked on. Was it meant to work this way ?


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> Datum: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 20:40:01 +0100
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> Betreff: TreeView->get_cursor() fails ?

> Hi there,
> Im using the function TreeView->get_cursor(path, focus_column) in the
> event-handler on_my_button_press_event and on_my_motion_notify_event.
> In the handler on_my_button_press_event it works perfectly, but in the
> handler on_my_motion_notify_event I get only a path, but the column is always 
> NULL. Why that ?
> Thanks
> gizmo
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