Re: Gtk::ComboBoxEntryText : selection of the same item is not recognized

I added a "headline" in my ComboBox like "Please choose" as the first entry (index 0) - and always after the change-event was thrown I did my stuff and then set the active entry to 0 (set_active(0)). Maybe this helps you somehow too.


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> Datum: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 18:29:17 +0530
> Von: Sai <rsaikamesh gmail com>
> An: gtkmm-list gnome org
> Betreff: Gtk::ComboBoxEntryText : selection of the same item is not recognized

> HI
> I Have added a Gtk::ComboBoxEntryText on a Gtk::Window. When ever an item
> is
> selected from the ComboBoxEntryText, the ComboBoxEntryText needs to be
> removed from the Window and a Gtk::Label has to be added in the place of
> ComboBoxEntryText. This works fine if a different item is selected in the
> combo box every time. Because I have added signal_changed() signal to the
> ComboBoxEntryText.
> But when I select the SAME ITEM from the ComboBoxEntryText which is
> selected
> already, this signal handler does not get called ( because the name of
> that
> signal itself clearly says that it will get called only when the selection
> is changed ). Please give me some ideas on how to capture this event.
> note:
> my OS is linux (ubuntu 6.10)
> Thanks in Advance!

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