Gtk::ComboBoxEntryText signal_changed() event


I Have added a Gtk::ComboBoxEntryText on a Gtk::Window. When ever an item is selected from the ComboBoxEntryText, the ComboBoxEntryText needs to be removed from the Window and a Gtk::Label has to be added in the place of ComboBoxEntryText. This works fine if a different item is selected in the combo box every time. Because I have added signal_changed() signal to the ComboBoxEntryText. But when I select the SAME ITEM from the ComboBoxEntryText which is selected already, this signal handler does not get called ( because the name of that signal itself clearly says that it will get called only when the selection is changed ). Please give me some ideas on how to capture this event. note: my OS is linux (ubuntu 6.10)

Thanks in Advance!

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