Using gtkmm with Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition


I am quoting a previous mail from Zdravko Monov :
"I decided to try the cross-platform compatibility of Gtkmm...
I followed your guide for MVC++, except that I have the 2008 version. I tried the hello-world application, which compiles fine. However, trying to run it in debug mode issues:
gtkmm_test.exe - Application Error
The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0150002). Click OK to terminate the application."

I encountered exactly the same problem. I installed and run Dependency walker ( I learnt that in the debug version, gtkmm uses dlls coming with Visual Studio 2005 (MSVCP80D.DLL, MSVCR80D.DLL, ...). I tried to install these dlls but eventually failed to solve the problem.

My questions are the followings:
1) Is it possible to avoid these problems without coming back to Visual Studio 2005 ? I think so since the release version works fine, but how ?
2) Is a package for Visual Studio 2008 planned in a close future ?

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,


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