Re: Dnd multiple items from Treeviews not possible?

Thanks for the ready reply. Your idea seems interesting but I don't
feel like I'm confortable enough with the toolkit to go and manually
handle the low-level mouse events...
But if the "selection hack" I've mentioned before won't work I guess I
have little choice...

2008/3/11 Andrew E. Makeev <andrew solvo ru>:
> В Втр, 11/03/2008 в 11:55 +0100, Luca Vezzaro пишет:
>  Personally, I would to use this solution - handle mouse events prior to
>  treeview inner callbacks.
>  button_press_event - ignore left (1st) mouse button PRESSED, do
>  selection when left button RELEASED, if no DnD (or some else) event
>  occured
>  motion_notify_event - start DnD if left mouse button held, disable
>  (ignore) this event until DnD finished.
>  -andrew

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