RE: Glib::ustring

On Wed, 2008-03-05 at 21:06 -0600, Jorge Luis Vidales Valladares wrote:
> This is in the class
> int CSerial::SendData( const char *buffer, int size )
> {
> 	if( !m_bOpened || m_hIDComDev == NULL ) return( 0 );
> 	DWORD dwBytesWritten = 0;

this is totally off-topic, but you will earn more respect from other
programmers if you avoid using such microsoft-specific typedefs as
"DWORD". ANSI Standard C and C++ both have access to machine independent
types like:
simply by including <stdint.h>. "DWORD" is not available on
non-microsoft platforms.

note that the meaning of "DWORD" is only very loosely defined and dates
back to the days of 16 bit processors. If you need a 32 bit value, say
so. If you need a 64 bit value, say so. If you don't care, just use int.


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