Re: glade styles and destructor

On Mon, 2008-06-16 at 02:36 -0700, johnmb wrote:
> With help from members of this group, all is running well with glade and
> libglademm for me - my thanks to all who contributed.       =)
> I have a couple of questions remaining:-
> 1.)  As the XML structure loaded by libglade from the glade file is referred
> to by a Glib::Refptr autopointer, I assume that the structures are
> automatically destroyed for me once the structure loses scope.

I guess you are talking about the widgets. They are not deleted when the
Glade::Xml is destroyed:

>   However, do
> I have to set the "auto-destroy" parameter in all relevant widgets to do so
> ? or is this parameter not relevant and the destruction occurs anyway ?

There is no such parameter that I know of.

> 2.)   The answer to this looks likely to be no but it is worth asking just
> in case,   can I add styles to widgets such as Gtk::Labels for fonts and
> Gtk::Windows for background colours etc. within glade  ?

murrayc murrayc com

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