VERY simple yet confusing segfault

Hello everyone. I have a seemingly simple problem that is stumping me. I
compiled and ran the example code for the Gtk::TextView property
here . I tried building off of this by adding a Gtk::Entry widget to the
class in the header file...

class ExampleWindow : public Gtk::Window
  virtual ~ExampleWindow();


  virtual void fill_buffers();
  //Signal handlers:
  virtual void on_button_quit();
  virtual void on_button_buffer1();
  virtual void on_button_buffer2();

  //Child widgets:
  Gtk::VBox m_VBox;

  Gtk::ScrolledWindow m_ScrolledWindow;
  Gtk::TextView m_TextView;
  Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::TextBuffer> m_refTextBuffer1, m_refTextBuffer2;

  Gtk::HButtonBox m_ButtonBox;
  Gtk::Entry m_Entry;
  Gtk::Button m_Button_Quit, m_Button_Buffer1, m_Button_Buffer2;

With that one little change to the header file, the program compiles but
segfaults at this location. Something else that I might note is that I tried
the converse of this (tried adding a textview widget inside the entry
example code) and I got the same results. Is there something I'm missing?
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