Re: Configuring jhbuild

José Alburquerque wrote:
José Alburquerque wrote:
Well, I got pretty far (20/23 modules built successfully), but jhbuild gets stuck building gtkmm. The error looks like I shouldn't be getting it, but this is what it says:

Making all in src
make[3]: Entering directory `/usr/src/jhbuild-sources/gtkmm/atk/src'
/opt/jhbuild-root/lib64/glibmm-2.4/proc/gmmproc -I ../../tools/m4 --defs . action . ./../atkmm No conversion from const gchar* to const Glib::ustring& defined (line: 0, parameter name: desc)
m4 failed with exit code 1.  Aborting...
make[3]: *** [.stamps/stamp-action] Error 1

It looks like jhbuild is checking out the gtkmm-2.12 branch which is producing the error. Is there a reason that jhbuild would want to check out gtkmm-2.12 instead of the trunk? I'm using the latest jhbuild , using moduleset 'gnome-2.22' and have modules set to 'gstreamermm' (which depends on gtkmm). I'm a little confused.

Just fixed this by changing the moduleset to gnome-2.16.

But now the gstreamermm module is not found so I have to use gnome-2.22. I'll look into this a little later.


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