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Milosz Derezynski wrote:
GStreamer will draw for you onto the drawable, the relevant API is documented here:

There is no mechanism yet in gstreamermm to wrap individual elements, but it's planned (i'll outline it later on on the gstmm list), so you would still have to use some C API.

I just noticed that there are a few interfaces in the gst-plugins-base package that might have to be wrapped (see among which is the gstxoverlay <> interface. I wonder how this best might be done.


2008/2/25, Mihai Niculescu <q quark gmail com <mailto:q quark gmail com>>:


    I want to write a simple web camera application using GTKmm and
    GStreamermm. I want the video stream to output in a
    Gtk::DrawingArea, so
    that I can draw graphics with Cairo and analyze the pixels from the
    video output (for example: intensity histrograms).
    I looked at the Gstreamermm API and didn't find any solution to output
    the video stream in a Gtk::DrawingArea or other Gtk object.
    Can help me, please?

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