Re: Can't make two custom properties

В сообщении от Tuesday 22 April 2008 16:31:16 Larik Ishkulov написал(а):
> Hi all.
> I'm working on glade plugin, which works with gtkmm widgets. There was an
> example "simpledraw" But I cannot add more the one custom property to my
> widget.
> When I have one property everythig works well, but if I add another one
> Glib::RefPtr<Gnome::Glade::Xml> gxml =
> Gnome::Glade::Xml::create("") falls with error: glibmm-ERROR
> **: file line 78 (void
> Glib::ObjectBase::initialize(GObject*)): assertion failed: (gobject_ ==
> castitem) Does there any solution?

Hmm, the problem disappeared, and I can't repeat it.

Best regards
Larik Ishkulov.

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