Re: Repainting

Max Lynch schrieb:
> I have a gtkmm application that needs to handle transferring files.
> However, the way I have it right now is that the transfer operation
> takes place in a separate thread. Thus, I am having issues getting the
> application to repaint (if it is covered or to increment the progress
> bar). I realize I should turn to a single-threaded approach, but I
> don't know how to get back into the main loop to allow gtk to process
> any repaint events while my transfer runs.

Do you know the Glib::Dispatcher which can be used to notify a thread?
If you put an instance somewhere in your gui-classes then other threads
can notify the gui-thread.
Thank you for the response.  I am now aware of the Dispatcher, however, all the docs talk about this GUI thread, but how can I notify it?  Is there an object I can reference or a function to call to get to this thread?


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