Re: Theme Engine Warning


a while ago I worked a bit with themes and the mailing list helped Me out
very good, maybe there are more solutions. Just try these first:

Check the theme-path for the theme you need.
This is mostly "/usr/share/themes". Your theme should be in there.

Check for the main gtkrc-file (located in "/etc/gtk-2.0") for the
correct path of your theme.

Install gtk-theme-switch/gtk-theme-switch2 and try to set your theme.

Look here for more info about Gtk-Theming: -> Documentation on GTK -> RC Files

Check the theme for the appricated theme-engine, there are engines for
Gtk and Gtk2.

If all of these fails, install your theme in the correct theme-path of your
needed theme.
Or try searching the mailing-list, I know there are some issues like this with
possible solutions.



Am Montag, 17. September 2007 schrieb Aaron Geier:
> Hello,
> I just upgraded a system to the latest gtk/gtkmm libraries.  Now, after
> launching I get a warning message :
> Gtk- WARNING Unable to locate theme engine in module path: "galaxy ",
> I apologize if this is more of a gtk mailing list question and not
> gtkmm.
> I am aware there are theme files with gtkmm, and I have a feeling this
> has something to do with the theme file, but I'm not sure where that is
> located or how to fix it.
> Any insight is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Aaron Geier

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