Re: Moving focus on Enter

Em Quarta 12 Setembro 2007, você escreveu:
> (Sorry for reposting Lucas, i forgot to CC gtkmm-list)
>tml#d24cb5e43953c698a5f6db24d186b263 and:
> So it seems there is no functionality to move it to the next widget;
> you'd have to get the focus chain, get the pointer address of the
> current focus widget, find it in the list, get the next widget, and
> focus it using Gtk::Widget::grab_focus(). O(N) operation; too bad
> GtkContainer doesn't keep track of the current focus widget.
> (Previous post said O(1) operation, i meant O(N) operation of course)
> Addition: You might want to use std::tr1::unordered_map<> or just a
> Glib/C GHashTable to keep track of the focus widgets, would maybe
> speed things up a little although traversing that list should be
> exteremely fast anyway.
> Milosz

Thanks, I thought it would be easier than searching that list, but it will do 
for my application.

Lucas Clemente Vella
lvella gmail com

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