Re: implementing a right-click popup in a treeview

Jonathon Jongsma wrote on 10/11/2007 03:29 PM:
On 10/11/07, Ferenc Gerlits <fgerlits gmail com> wrote:
Is there any way to tell the Gtk engine not to call the standard event
handler for right-clicks on this TreeView?  I think the normal way would
be to return 'true' from my event handler, but connect_notify() expects
a void method, so I can't do that.

can't you just pass a 'false' as the second parameter to connect() to
connect the signal handler before instead of after.  Then if you
return true, the default signal handler should not be called.

Thank you! Yes, that is just what I needed. I didn't know that connect() takes this second (optional) argument.

Next time I'm born, I'll choose a profession where I don't have to realize how stupid I am quite so often. :)


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