Re: Tooltips on TreeView with win32 gtkmm 2.11 version


I don't know if it will work the same, but I had a tough time getting tooltips onto a notebook tab and found a way.  I had to put the labels inside of an EventBox first, so you might try that.

- John

On 11/8/07, Iker Perez de Albeniz < ialbeniz cbt es> wrote:


I am trying to add a tooltip to a cell of a treeview (or maybe to the
cellrender will be better..), in the documentation apears that i have to
use Gtk::Toltips widget to do that because i am using gtkmm 2.11 version
(on win32), but tooltips.set_tip(widget,tip) function doesn't work... i
have searched in gtkmm maillist and i have found some solutions from a
discusion on 2003 yer.. but doesn't work... any idea how to do it?


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