FileChooserDialog sort order


In the Gtkmm application I'm working on the user always has to switch
the sort order of the file chooser dialog to account for the file naming
scheme employed here. Therefore I searched for ways to alter the sort
order of the FileChooserDialog so that it sorts the files displayed by
date instead of by name. However, I could not find a function in the
class reference that would provide that functionality.

A different approach was to add the FileChooserDialog as a member to my
main window so that it doesn't get destroyed, hoping that upon reopening
the state would be kept during a program session. This keeps the folder
selected but not the sort order which resorts to sort-by-name.

I'm running out of ideas, so a little help in answering one of the
questions would be very appreciated:

Is this functionality (change sort-order) available at all in Gtkmm?

If not, is there maybe a hack to achieve the same under Linux/Gnome?

Is it "good practice" to keep a dialog as a member to preserve its state?

Thanks, Ludwig

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