Re: Segfault ending the program

On 1/30/07, Arthur Maciel <arthurmaciel gmail com> wrote:
> Nothing is popping out of the page, but here are a couple things to look at:
> First and foremost, go through the valgrind data and make sure you're
> not writing to random places in memory. I'm guessing thats whats
> happening here.

I'll take a look. I bet on this.

> Another possibility is if you're binding smart pointers to a signal.
> There's been discussions on the list before about funny behavior in
> that situation.

I don't think so. The only smart pointers are for the ListStore Models.

This is crashing when removing a treeview column...
#10 0xb7ae3c69 in gtk_tree_view_remove_column () from

> HTH,
> Paul
For sure!


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