Re: Unit testing

Am Samstag, den 20.01.2007, 05:08 -0600 schrieb Paul Davis:
> Hey everyone,
> I'm contemplating how best to perform testing on some of my gtkmm
> code. I've looked through the list archives for gtk and gtkmm and
> didn't find anything worth noting. I've heard of using accesibility
> api's to do GUI testing, but that seems like a Bad Idea (TM).
> So basically this is just an open ended question to see if anyone has
> any thoughts on how best to test parts of a gtkmm application.

Not really unit testing, but some worthwhile things to try are

a) changing the theme at runtime
b) changing GConf keys at runtime (if applicable)
c) setting G_FILENAME_ENCODING to something other than UTF-8

Also, I believe there was some environment variable that makes GDK spill
out warnings when using API that is not multihead-safe.  Might require a
debug build of GTK+ though.


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