Re: Widget mask out clicks

All I am trying to is to make the TreeView widget insensitive to mouse
clicks.  I am putting together a touch sensitive screen application and
peoples fingers are going to be too thick to reliably control the tree
directly so I am using separate buttons at the bottom of the screen to
navigate the tree.  I want to inhibit the mouse clicks on the tree itself to
avoid accidental corruption of the cursor position by peoples fingers
brushing against the screen as they move from one part of the screen to

I tried unsetting Gdk::BUTTON_RELEASE_MASK also but to no avail.  There is
something about having to overload the events themselves in the docs but I
wasn't sure about which methods these referred to.  Have you done this

Chris Vine wrote:
> I couldn't offer an opinion - I do not know what you are trying to do (or
> stop 
> happening).  Try unsetting Gdk::BUTTON_RELEASE_MASK also.
> If you are interesting in pointer motion, there are motion events/masks
> also.  
> There are also button motion masks, which receive pointer motion events
> when 
> a button is pressed.
> Chris
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